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Mosul Bank for Development & Investment

Banking Accounts

Banking Accounts

Corporate and personal accounts

Credit & facilities

Credit & facilities

Cash, and contractual credit & Facilities

Electronic services

Electronic services

MasterCard, ATM, and E-Banking

Our services

Bank deposits are subject to insurance by the Deposit Insurance Company

     Mosul Bank seeks to provide the best and fastest banking services to the customers: Below the Mosul Bank services :

  • Management & Opening accounts:

  • Management and opening of current accounts .. Savings .. Deposits in Iraqi dinar and dollar for all sectors: (The required documents).

  • Government sector

  • Mixed (Semi Gov) sector

  • Private Sector (Individuals, Companies)

  • Providing foreign currency exchange services through exchange offices at competitive prices

  • Conducting internal and external transfers in dinars and dollars.

  • Credit facilities which includes :

  • a. Cash :

- Loans
 Granting loans in Iraqi Dinars and US dollars to individuals and corporates with commercial, industrial, agricultural and tourism activities and for the purpose of infrastructure projects and utilities (small and medium enterprises, disadvantaged groups, commercial loans)
- Credits

  • B. Contractual :

Letters of guarantee

Issuing local and foreign letters of guarantee in Iraqi dinars and dollars

Letters of credit.

Conducting inward and outward Money transfers in Iraqi dinar and foreign currencies and credited to the customer account in any branch of the bank

Management of stock and bond services and investment portfolios for customers

Issuing bank cheque, various derivatives at competitive prices in dinars and dollars.

Issuing certified cheque and other instruments and accepting other miscellaneous instruments on collection.

  • C. Currency Auction :

Exchange companies

Credits and Money transfer auctions



  • Electronic services

Our bank has the following electronic services but is suspended due to bank conditions

This service enables discount card holders to make 24-hour withdrawals. The ATM machine gives you the flexibility to withdraw cash because it is spread over multiple locations and you do not need to access the bank at all times.

Mobile Banking (Mobile Cash)
The benefits of this service are as follows: Transfer between two accounts. Inquiry about the balance of the bank. Checking the last 7 account operations. Purchasing Asiacell top-up cards to access the service / Asiacell subscribers # 356 * for Korek subscribers # 224

Our services

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