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Mosul Bank for Development & Investment


Bank Contributions:
The bank has a number of companies and has contributed in the capital of other companies to invest:

  • Um Al Rabeeen Company to mediate the sale and purchase of securities

  • Golden Real Estate Company

  • Al Ramah General Trading Co. Ltd.

  • Aphrah Al - Mosul Contracting Company

  • Al-Mosul services and management development co. Ltd

  • Iraqi Bank Guarantee Company

  • Bank Guarantees Company

  • Iraqi Company for Financing Small and Medium Enterprises Ltd.

  • Iraqi Banks Company

  • Amwal Electronic Banking Services

  • Hamreen Company for the production of artistic bricks

  • Al - Zakhrif for windows and plastic parts

  • Al - Zawra Financial Investment Company

  • Harmony Company for Financial Investment

  • Golden Real Estate Investment Company

  • Babylon Bank

  • United Investment Bank

  • National Islamic Bank

  • National Bank of Iraq

  • Gulf Commercial Bank

  • Middle East Bank

  • Ashur International Bank

  • Al-Khazerl Building Materials Co.

  • Mosul Games Yard co.

  • Northern Pepsi Company

  • Ishtar Hotels Company

  • Ashour Hotel Company

  • Trans Iraq Bank

  • Mosul Dam Company

  • Chemical and Plastic Industries Company

  • Ibn Khaldoun Travel & Tourism Co. (Airline Ticketing - VISA Visas - Tourist Travel)

List of investments

استثمارات مصرف الموصل

استثمارات مصرف الموصل

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