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Mosul Bank for Development & Investment

About Mosul Bank

About Mosul Bank

Mosul Bank is one of the leading banks in Iraq

Our mission

Our mission

Mosul Bank mission statement

Our branches

Our branches

Mosul Bank Branches

Financial reports

Financial reports

Annual financial reports

Chairman speech

Chairman speech

Mosul Bank Chairman speech

About us

About Mosul Bank

about mb

      Mosul Bank for Development and Investment was established as a joint stock company with a nominal paid capital of 1 billion Iraqi dinars on 23/8/2001. The bank obtained the banking practice license on December 3, 2001 issued by the Central Bank of Iraq

        The objective of Mosul Bank for Development and Investment is to contribute to supporting the national economy in all sectors according to development plans, planning decisions, supporting production processes and contributing to direct investment operations in economic projects as well as other commercial banking activities.

     In response to the economic developments and in order to support the national economy through the Bank's activities and broadening the base of customers with the bank and meet their domestic and external financial needs and increase its competitiveness in the Iraqi financial market has been increasing the capital of the bank several times as follows:

 100% to become 2 billion dinars in February 2004.
 The second increase was 400% to 10 billion dinars in September 2004.
 After almost a year, the bank led the third increase by 100% of the capital to 20 billion dinars in November 2005.
 Fourth increase of 25% of the capital to become 25 billion dinars.
 In July 2007, in response to market requirements, the bank increased its fifth in November 2008 to 35 billion dinars.
 The sixth increase was from 35 billion dinars to 50 billion dinars in July 2009.
 Seventh increase in June 2011 from 50 billion Iraqi dinars to 75 billion Iraqi dinars.
 The eighth increase in June 2012 from 75 billion Iraqi dinars to 100 billion Iraqi dinars.
 The ninth increase in November of the same year 2012 from 100 billion Iraqi dinars to 202 billion dinars.
 The recent increase to 252.500 billion in January 2015.

Mission statement


We strive to be one of the leading Banks in Iraq and the region by providing the best and latest banking services to our customers and look forward to improve the banking industry in Iraq.

Covernance Guide

Mosul Bank branches


Main branch :
Nidhal St., Near Al-Qasir Al-Abyadh, Baghdad

Sulaymania branch :
Salim St., opposite Haj Jamal Mosque, Sulaymania

Erbil branch :
Erbil 60 meters road - opposite to Zanyarie complex - near Makhmour intersection.

Birtila branch :

Nineveh - Erbil road - near Al-Noor collage university.

Salam branch :

Mosul -New Mosul - Hamameel Sq. - Silo road.

Dohuk branch :
Dohuk - Nohdar St. opposite to Korek Telecom.​​​​​​​

Kirkuk branch :
Madina Hotel St., Near Kirkuk high school for girls, Kirkuk.​​​​​​​

Tikrit branch :
Main St., opposite Tikrit stadium, Tikrit

Andalus branch:

Mosul city - Two side street of the transportation

Telkif branch :

Nineveh - Telkif - Main road - near Telkif police station

Annual financial reports


Chairman letter


   I am pleased and honored to welcome you to the website of the Mosul Bank for Development and Investment, which served the Iraqi community for sixteen years. We have been committed since the date of receipt of the responsibility of the management of this bank in early 2017 to provide the best services to our customers.


   The Board of Directors of the Mosul Bank for Investment Development shall draw up and formulate the administrative, financial, organizational and technical policies and plans necessary for the conduct of the Bank's activity, achieving objectives, supervision and follow-up of its implementation and exercising all relevant rights and powers. The Council also has powers to open branches and offices inside and outside Iraq and close them and approve the budgets of planning and approval of the final accounts.

   Our bank offers all kinds of banking services to individuals, companies, organizations and all components of the Iraqi society and currently has seven branches in seven Iraqi governorates and seeks to cover the rest of the provinces of Iraq. Our bank also seeks to introduce modern technology from ATMs and electronic services in order to accelerate and facilitate the transactions of its customers.


    That our bank has a great role in supporting humanitarian organizations and civil society organizations. We also have an active role in supporting developmental and strategic projects that contribute to the building and development of Iraq. Our website is the gateway to the distinguished services offered by our bank to its valued customers and we hope that it will be useful and cover the needs of the customers of the bank. We would like to assure our customers of our commitment to being close partners to listen to all your comments and ideas and communicate with you through the bank's website.

Tamkeen Abd Sarhan Al-Hansnawei
Mosul Bank for Development & Investment
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